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Jack has finally tweeted me. This happened this morning. Tom tweeted me last night. I’ve gotten a reply from everyone in We Are The Ocean except Alfie. -Nicole

Tom Whittaker replied to me last night. I couldn’t think of anything to respond with other than “YOU’RE NOT USELESS” but he would probably think I’m weird so I decided against it. \m/ - Nicole

@Jckspnc : Tom has a lengthy sword

This Is Fake DIY Magazine included Dan Brown on their April issue. Standing alongside fellow rockers Gustav Wood, Josh Franceschi, James Veck-Gilodi, and Mike Sparks on the cover, depicting the UK’s most recent Rock Stars! -Natalie

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I don’t have photoshop on my new laptop yet, So I’m sorry for the lack of gifs on my behalf! But, I present you with an amazing picture. Yes, boys and girls, this is myself and the flawless Dan Brown. Enjoy.  -Natalie

Warped tour is a liar and gave me the biggest bag of false hope one could ever put on a 16 year old girl. But at least Dan Brown called me ‘mate’. \m/ 

-Nicole (Twitter)

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